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I don't know if you have noticed, but there have been pretty consistent underlying themes to inBubbleWrap reviews. No, we're not talking about the bumbling misadventures of inBubbleGuy, or his penchant for wrong side of the tracks 1980's romanticism, or even his proclivity for asking questions that make Yogi Berra look like a grammatical genius. We are talking about themes as they relate to business. A simple summary might be, "Achieve greatness, but achieve greatness without being a total jerk head. In fact, don't be a jerk head at all." InBubbleGuy has been searching for a book that captures this undercurrent of his..uh..prose(?) for quite a while now, and finally, after watching both Pirates of the Caribbean films, digging for quarters (and crumbs) under his couch cushions, and finally finding his missing pair of BlueBlockers, he has found THE PERFECT BOOK. It is called, The Triple Bottom Line: How Today's Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social, and Environmental Success - And How You Can Too.

The first thing to note is that this is not a book tipping it's nose up at corporations who have acted irresponsible. That's what iBGuy is for. Andrew Savitz and Karl Weber have written an upbeat and positive book about how economic sustainability is increasingly becoming tied to social and environmental responsibility. Let's look at two companies as an example. GM vs Toyota. GM saw huge margins and profit in pushing the gas guzzling Hummer and other Canyonaros while refusing to invest in energy efficient technology. Greenhouse gasses? Rising Oil Prices? Humbug and Ha!, they shouted. Toyota, on the other hand, knew that by innovating their engines to decrease their dependency on oil, they were in a better position to sustain economic growth (or at least sustainability). GM is consistently laying off workers and losing money, Toyota is in (I know, I know) the drivers seat.

It's simple really. If your company truly cares about people, and truly cares about the health of the world and the people inhabiting it, you will always make money, because there are always ways to make things better. From creating employee loyalty with fair pay and good treatment, to investing in technology that doesn't destroy the environment, to being active and supportive within any community (including the global community), companies that truly achieve sustained success are those that adopt socially conscious and environmentally friendly policies and practices.

There's a reason our current times are being referred to as "The Age of Accountability." We are fed up with the old crotchety rich dude milking us for every penny while destroying the neighborhoods we live in and the air we breath. We're tired of being laid off because our companies refuse to see the big picture, all while CEO's are getting hundred million dollar payouts for NOT doing a good job. (A little side story - to demonstrate how much money these mucky mucks are getting, when the small townspeople of St. Cloud recently won the lottery of a couple hundred million dollars, it was figured out that the amount could pay the average worker making $40,000 a year for OVER 5000 YEARS.) We are letting our voices be heard, and couple that with companies going belly up because they didn't see the long term implications of bad social and environmental decision, and things are bound to head in positive direction.

Like we said, The Triple Bottom Line is the perfect summation of inBubbleWrap's undercurrents. If we had enough money, we would hand-deliver a copy to ever prominent executive in the world, but we don't, so you all are going to have to start the buzz...or more appropriately, keep it going.

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triple bottom line

by Andy Savitz

How Today's Best-Run Companies are Achieving Economic, Social, and Environmental Success — And How You Can Too

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