More advance praise for The Triple Bottom Line

"Andy Savitz communicates in plain language what sustainability is and how everyone in the organization can help achieve it"
Chad Holliday, Chairman & CEO, DuPont

"This book is worthy reading for any CEO or business leader committed to sustainability. It is informative, persuasive and practical, containing valuable advice for anyone seeking a more responsible and profitable approach to business."
Steve Reinemund, Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo

"A timely contribution to why big corporations engage in sustainable development and how managers can implement it in their companies."
Björn Stigson, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

"Responsible leadership ensures what we have today will be around for future generations. This book shows us both what happens when people fail to lead responsibly and what it takes to do so. An insightful book for those who seek how they can personally make a difference"
Samuel DiPiazza, Global Chief Executive Officer, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"Andy Savitz puts Sustainability in a clear, practical framework supported with real business examples"
Travis Engen, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Alcan, Inc.; Chairman, World Business Council for Sustainable Development; Chair, Prince of Wales' International Business Leaders Forum


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triple bottom line

by Andy Savitz

How Today's Best-Run Companies are Achieving Economic, Social, and Environmental Success — And How You Can Too

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